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It’s time to introduce our Kofi 🐶 French dog 😜

🐶AMARTAMI WITH Parabellum 🇵🇱🐶

This is a very special boy for us ❤️‍🔥 his mom Amartami HERE COMES THE QUEEN EYMJI is from 🌈 Boo (Stecal’s JUST DIVINE🇬🇧 breeder Faye Bevis) and 🌈Blackie (Bearfactz BLACK SHADOW🇨🇦 breeder Brenda Panko). They are both over the rainbow bridge 🌈.
Why french boy?
Boo and Blackie they came to me from France (Maëva – thank you for this Two – they were amazing dogs 🔥💞)
and his dad is Huki (Sendosan SKILL BLOOD🇫🇷) and he is too from France 🫣 Thank you Olivier and Jessica 😘😘😘).

I’m very happy to have a little bit of Boo and Blackie at home again 💞

Marta Modzelewska
Konarzyce, Poland (Europe)

  phone: +48 668 857 822